Data Scientist

At Desert Control, we are leading the fight against desertification with our innovative Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) technology. As we continue to grow, we face the exciting challenge of transforming fragmented data systems into a seamless, integrated powerhouse. We need a talented Data Scientist to streamline our data processes, optimize our applications, and build robust, data-driven insights that showcase the full impact of LNC.

Your mission

As a Data Scientist at Desert Control, you will revolutionize our data architecture, transforming fragmented systems into a cohesive, scalable framework. You will automate reporting processes, ensuring real-time, accurate insights. Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning, you will turn raw data into actionable insights, making it accessible and understandable for all stakeholders. Your work will directly support our Sales & Marketing teams, R&D efforts, optimize LNC applications, and provide compelling data-driven narratives to showcase the benefits of our technology.

You will get the opportunity to work with:

Developing and implementing data solutions:
You’ll have the opportunity to create robust, data-driven solutions that solve some of the most complex business problems. You’ll design systems that can handle large amounts of data, using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to analyze and derive insights.

Conducting advanced Data analysis:

You will dive deep into large and complex data sets to extract meaningful insights. Using analytical methods, you will identify trends, patterns and relationships that inform decision making and validate the effectiveness of Desert Control’s LNC technology.

Designing scalable Data pipelines:
Your role will involve designing, building and maintaining scalable data pipelines that ensure efficient data flow and processing. This includes integrating data from multiple sources, cleansing and transforming it and making it readily available for analysis.

Managing databases with integrity:
Your expertise will secure our data assets and ensure we always have access to critical information to support everything from day-to-day operations to strategic initiatives. You will develop and manage relational, non-relational and time series databases, ensuring data integrity and availability.

Ensuring compliance with Data governance:
You will be responsible for ensuring compliance with data governance, privacy and security policies to protect sensitive information. This involves implementing robust security measures, monitoring data access and ensuring that our data handling practices meet all regulatory requirements. 

Collaborating across functions. You will work closely with Sales & Marketing, R&D, soil scientists, the digital services team and the rest of the technology team to align data solutions with business goals. This involves collaborating on projects, sharing insights and providing data support to different departments.

Your packing list

To succeed as our new Data Scientist and navigate the challenges of this exciting role, it’s essential to come prepared with the right skills, experiences, and traits. We’ve crafted a list of what we believe will help you thrive and enjoy this journey with us:

  • Pack your proficiency in SQL, NoSQL, and Python, and bring along your experience with big data technologies like Databricks. You’ll need these tools to design, build, and maintain scalable data pipelines and architectures.
  • Your toolkit should include a solid background in advanced statistical analysis and machine learning techniques. You should have experience with cloud technologies such as MS Azure and the ability to analyze large, complex data sets to extract actionable insights.
  • Effective communication is your travel guide. You must be able to present data insights clearly and understandably to various stakeholders, including those without a technical background. Collaboration is key, and you’ll be working closely with cross-functional teams, including Sales & Marketing, R&D, soil scientists, and the rest of the technology team, to align data solutions with business objectives.
  • Finally, pack your adaptability and proactivity. In our dynamic startup environment, you must be self-motivated and proactive in addressing challenges and driving continuous improvement. Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and a proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation are essential traits.

Why Desert Control?

  • You will be part of adynamic and professional working environment where innovation is key. Desert Control is a fast-growing company that offers an exciting atmosphere where new ideas are encouraged and ground-breaking projects are the norm. You’ll work alongside passionate and talented individuals who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in agritech. 
  • Desert Control is in an exciting growth phase and you have the chance to be part of this journey from the ground up. Joining us now, you will have a significant impact on our development and success. You’ll gain first-hand experience and insight into a company’s growth, contribute to strategic decisions and help shape our future business. This is a unique opportunity to be a key player in a rapidly developing company.
  • This role is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to help build a sustainable future for our planet. The work you do here isn’t just about crunching numbers or building models; it’s about transforming dry, lifeless land into fertile soil that can nourish crops, ecosystems and communities.

Our vision is simple yet profound: making the earth green again.

Founded in 2007, Desert Control is a pioneering climate technology company dedicated to combating desertification, soil degradation and water scarcity. Our goal is to restore, protect and improve the vital topsoil in sandy soil environments, reduce consumption of water, fertilizers and natural resources, and create prosperity for agriculture, forests and green landscapes.

D esertification, loss of fertile soil and increasing water scarcity pose a significant threat to all life on earth, compounded by climate change and overexploitation of natural resources. We combat these challenges by reclaiming degraded land, transforming sand into fertile soil, restoring soil biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and reducing consumption of water and natural resources.

Our patented Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) technology is at the forefront of climate-smart agrotechnology solutions. LNC enables sustainable ecosystem management by restoring and protecting the soil’s ability to conserve water and increase yields for agriculture, forests and green landscapes. LNC helps sandy and degraded soils retain water and nutrients, increasing crop yields and ecosystem resilience while reducing water use by up to 50%.

Data Scientist