Sandnes, Norway, 23 May 2024 – Desert Control AS (DSRT) announces its first-quarter report and interim financial results for the fiscal period ending 31 March 2024.

Desert Control is off to a strong start in 2024. The company delivered its first larger-scale commercial deployment for Limoneira Company in Yuma, Arizona, executed a significant first-phase contract in the Middle East through its partner, Mawarid, and made solid progress developing and adapting its technology to expand markets, increase environmental benefits, and reduce the cost of goods sold.

Financial Highlights

The company closes Q1-24 with a positive cash balance of NOK 105.1 Million and has no interest-bearing debt.

First Quarter 2024

[first quarter 2023 in brackets]

• Revenue NOK 1.3M [NOK 1,9M]

• EBITDA NOK -14.7M [NOK -23.4M]

• Net Income NOK -7,8 [NOK -19.3M]

• Total cash balance 31.03.24 (incl. other current financial assets) NOK 105,1M

[NOK 56,7M]

• Equity 31.03.2024 NOK 115,4M (equity ratio 96,7%) [NOK 86.0M (89.0%)]

Cautionary Note:

Disclaimer related to forward-looking statements.

This release contains forward-looking information and statements relating to the business, performance, and items that may be interpreted to impact the results of Desert Control and/or the industry and markets in which Desert Control operates.

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No representation is made that any of these forward-looking statements or forecasts will come to pass or that any forecasted performance, capacities, or results will be achieved, and you are cautioned not to place any undue reliance on any forward-looking statements.

Q1 Report 2024

The information enclosed is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to sections 5-12 in the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

For more information, please contact:

Ole Kristian Sivertsen

President and Group CEO


Mobile (NOR): +47 957 77 777

Mobile (USA): +1 650 643 6136

Mobile (UAE): +971 52 521 7049

Leonard Chaparian

Chief Financial Officer


Mobile (NOR): +47 90 66 55 40

About Desert Control:

Desert Control specializes in climate-smart AgTech solutions to combat desertification, soil degradation, and water scarcity. Its patented Liquid

Natural Clay (LNC) restores and enhances soil ecosystems to reduce water usage and improve the efficiency of fertilizers and natural resources for agriculture, forests, and green landscapes. LNC enables sandy and arid soil to retain water and nutrients, thus increasing crop yields, plant health, and ecosystem resilience while preserving water and natural resources by up to 50%.

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