Sandnes 13 July 2023 – Desert Control (DSRT) announces completion of the product registration process with the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment (MOCCAE) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This milestone achievement designates Liquid Natural Clay as a certified organic fertilizer authorized for sale and use in the UAE market, following a rigorous certification process conducted by MOCCAE.

The certification is under registration number DXB-APH-34-2318938. It showcases Desert Control’s commitment to compliance with the regulatory framework established by MOCCAE, allowing LNC to meet the required standards and be deemed safe for its intended purpose in agricultural practices. This authorization ensures that LNC can be introduced to all sectors of the UAE market, catering to the needs of farmers, consumers, and other stakeholders in the agricultural industry and across private, public, and government sectors.

Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) is a solution developed by Desert Control that harnesses the properties of natural minerals to enhance soil fertility, water retention, and crop productivity. By obtaining the registration certificate, LNC can confidently be promoted by Desert Control and its licensed operators as a certified organic fertilizer, assuring users of its compliance with the highest quality standards and suitability for sustainable agricultural practices.

“We are proud to receive the certification of LNC under the category of organic fertilizers and agricultural conditioners and obtain the authorization for sale in the UAE market,” said Ole Kristian Sivertsen, President and Group CEO at Desert Control. “This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey and opens a wider range of opportunities in the government sector for our licensed operator while reinforcing our commitment to delivering safe, effective, and sustainable solutions to farmers and growers in the UAE.”

The MOCCA certification follows the certification announced on 16 March 2023 for the official approval and certification for organic farming from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technologies (MoIAT) in the UAE and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approval of LNC for use in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program received in June 2023.

“We are confident the MOCCAE authorization, combined with recent certifications, will support future endeavors in obtaining authorizations, certifications, and necessary regulatory approvals for Liquid Natural Clay across the GCC region and in other countries and markets we aim to serve,” said Ole Kristian Sivertsen, President and Group CEO at Desert Control.

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Ole Kristian Sivertsen

President and Group CEO, Desert Control

About Desert Control

Desert Control specializes in climate-smart AgTech solutions to combat desertification, soil degradation, and water scarcity. Its patented Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) restores and enhances soil ecosystems to reduce water usage and improve the efficiency of fertilizers and natural resources for agriculture, forests, and green landscapes. LNC enables sandy and arid soil to retain water and nutrients, thus increasing crop yields, plant health, and ecosystem resilience while preserving water and natural resources by up to 50%.

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